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Howl (Randy London)
Personal Information
Species Werewolf
Race Caucasian
Nationality American
Birth Date 1st of November
Birth Place San Francisco, CA
Age 24
Gender Male
Other Information
Occupation None
Alias(es) Randy London
Love Interest(s) Scarlett Hudson
Friends Faolan
Enemies Various werewolves
Cult of Karnak
Archenemy Lycaon
Residence Streets of San Francisco
Weapons Claws, teeth
Alignment Good
Marital Status Unmarried Relationship
Theme Song Lycanthropy
Debut Howl
Created By Inferno999
Signature Appearance Howl

Howl, also known as Randy London, is an anti-hero.


Randy was a perfectly normal child, until a point when he was fourteen. A powerful werewolf, by the name of Lycaon, bit him. He became a werewolf and swore to kill Lycaon and the pack. He ran away from his house, afraid to hurt his parents, and started living on the streets. He trained himself to harness his canine abilities, and soon he became one of the strongest forces in San Francisco. He was able to scare off the meanest gangsters, tear apart the biggest thugs and beat the sneakiest criminals. Even with this power, Lycaon was five times as powerful. He was terribly injured, but the left the pack with a spoil of war: A sidekick. He recruited a young werewolf cub called Faolan to fight by his side, and the two werewolves fought well together.


  • Werewolf Physiology
  • Enhanced Clawmanship
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Enhanced Breath


As Randy, Howl is a Caucasian brunette man in his early twenties. When he is Howl, he is an anthropomorphic brown wolf. He's relatively bulky, but has a weak figure for werewolf standards.


Scarlett Hudson[]

The relationship between Randy and Scarlett was negative at first, as Scarlett disregarded Randy because of his dirty clothes and dark demeanour when Randy came to Scarlett's bakery.

Scarlett's view of Randy changed when he saved her from some thugs on the streets one night. Randy refused a date as repayment, instead asking for free muffins from Scarlett's bakery. The next time they met, they agreed to go on a date with each other, which soon turned into an intimate relationship.