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Leo Finch (The Invisible Man)
Personal Information
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Nationality English
Birth Date July 9
Birth Place Kent, UK
Age 33
Gender Male
Relatives Joseph Finch (father)
Sarah Finch (mother)
Charles Finch (brother)
Leo Finch (brother)
Other Information
Affiliation Life Force
Occupation Superhero
Alias(es) The Invisible Man
Archenemy Magnum Opus
Alignment Good
Theme Song Invisibility

Invisible Man, also known as Adam Finch, is one of the superheroes in the Life Force.


Nobody knows what the Invisible Man really looks like since he is invisible. He wears glasses to show his allies where he is.


The Invisible Man is always invisible, which is useful when a sneak attack is needed.


Enemies can tell where he is by his glasses.


Adam Finch was born to Joseph and Sarah Finch. He had an older brother called Charles. Joseph was a renowned scientist celebrated for his work in the field of biology. Adam's younger brother, Leo, was born when he was three, but not long after Leo's birth, Sarah passed away. Joseph could never handle the loss and lost his faith in the sciences. He started turning to the less stable studies, such as astrology and alchemy.

Adam was subjected to experiments with light, making him invisible.

Leo was subjected to experiments which mixed his identity with that of the family dog, Hermes, creating a horrifying dog-human fusion.

Charles was thrown into a time machine, which didn't work due to Joseph's lack of a sustainable mindset. Instead, Charles was trapped in a limbo dimension.



  • Adam and his brothers represent the three philosophical principles of alchemy: Mercury, Sulphur and Salt, as well as the three most popular books of H.G. Wells: "The Time Machine", "The Invisible Man" and "The Island of Doctor Moreau".