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Mirror (sometimes referred to as Mirror Man) AKA Caius Porter is one of the two main protagonists in the Minor49 franchise. He is 17 years old and lives with his parents in TBA. He possesses various mirror-related powers and wields an hourglass that doubles as a sword, shield, and various other tools. Along with Aurora, Mirror fights villains, goes to school, and tries to live a normal life.


Concept art for Caius

Caius is a caucasian teenage male with short, dark brown hair. His eyes are a turquoise color (leaning more towards the blue side) and he lacks any noticeable facial hair. He almost always dons his orange and black jacket. He is quite fit and thin.

Origin Story (Powers)

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Caius grew up a timid child with a fear of ghosts and the paranormal in general. His parents had him interact with the neighbor at an early age, who was also shy, as fate would have it. The two ended up becoming best friends and have been close ever since.


In his earlier years (all through elementary school and partially through middle school), Caius was antisocial and introverted. He didn't talk much in school, but at home, he is quirky and expressive of his emotions.

He is accepting of people's differences and gets along well with almost everyone. In his quieter years, he hardly conversed with anyone who didn't start a chat with him. Now, he is considerably more social and open (although he is still more timid than most his age). Others' opinions about him no longer seem to have an effect.

Powers & Abilities


  • Has surprising strength and agility for his age
  • Wields a weapon that can transform into a select few other weapons


  • Minor49 (Movie)
  • The Arbitrary Adventures of Minor49 (Comic Series)
  • TBA