When he was 13 years old, Caius and Alice stayed after school to do some studying in the library. It soon became late, and the basketball team had just finished practice.

"We should get going. I think I hear Coach closing the gym," he said worriedly.

"There's just a few pages left. We have time to finish," Alice replied.

The two concluded their study session and packed up their bags. They chatted a bit as they approached the front entrance. Alice tugged on the handle.




"You're sure it won't budge?" Caius squeaked, giving the door a good yank.

"No, it's locked both ways. Why in the...?"

"Well. Shoot."

After discussing the possibility of calling their parents or grandparents, the pair reluctantly agreed that no one would be going anywhere without keys. Alice suggested that staying the night wouldn't be so bad. They headed back towards the library and attempted to get some rest.


"Cai, you still awake?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Maybe we can play a game to pass the time."

"Uh, sure. What do you have in mind?"


"Alice, you know I don't like Bloody Mary. I'd rather try sleeping again," Caius groaned as he stepped into the restroom.

Alice walked over to the light switch and raised her index finger against it.



In hesitant unison, Caius and Alice recited the lines in total darkness.


Caius opened his eyes and desperately scanned the room for a sign of his friend.


Suddenly, the lights inexplicably flickered back on and pervaded to dimly illuminate the room. A snaking stream of sand trailed around to the mirror.

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