Shadowstreak is the alias name for Kevin Kuragami. Shadowstreak is set to be one of the characters that might appear in the crossover that BCtheBoss has planned to make.

Appearance Edit

Shadowstreak wears a black eye mask to hide his identity and wears a black and grey suit. He also has a black belt on him, which is full of grenades, smoke bombs, etc. He also has two iron blades on his gloves and wields two tiny staffs. And last but not least, he has a black tail.

Powers Edit

Kevin has the ability to see everything in slow motion, something which is very similar to Spider-Man's spider-senses. His tail can also be used as a grappling hook as it can stretch as well as a blade, meaning it can be used as a weapon. Other than that, he also is very skilled at using his weapons, being an expert with them.

Movie Edit

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