aka Miles or Lucas

  • I live in A known place in Skylands called Easy-On Island, in a hidden home that looks like a mountain.
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is A Shapershifter, who takes the form of different species, genders, and personalities in different worlds of video games. (Skylanders, and Nintendo, mainly.)
  • I am The Bridge Between Skylands and Earth

My OC World of Skylands

Hello! I'm Blind, and welcome to my small corner of Wikia. During my days on Wikia, I create a bunch of different things from different categories, and create one page about him every single day. I always have fun when making my pages, and hopefully, you will too. I hope you all enjoy it!

List of OCs

Skylander OCs

  • Skate Punk
  • High Voltage
  • Pop Rocket
  • Slapper
  • High Tech
  • Laughing Stock

Nintendo OCs

  • Kid
  • Bubble
  • Otto
  • Jawbreaker

Superhero OCs

  • Nitro
  • Caston
  • Growler
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